Why to have a checklist in life

Whether you are a Computer programmer, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, Writer, Homemaker or a kind of person who has a complicated net of works to finish up each day, having a checklist can take off half the stress off your shoulder and organise yourself with much ease and convenience. Checklist can be for work management or personal scheduling like shopping, travel, an event like marriage or festival, or anything that involves task person or product prioritising.

To narrate with a simple example, using a checklist helps almost every shopper to reduce the grocery bills each week, because it prevents the unplanned and unnecessary items off the shopping basket. (Read More here)

How to built (Rebuilt) Trust?

Learned men say that “Trust is like a vase… once it’s broken, though you can fix it, the vase will never be the same again”. The sensational apology brought in by Tiger Woods, the international Golfer, is the best example to narrate on this point. The public confession of this sports star about his past actions can be considered to be an attempt to resurrect his shattered image of ‘world’s greatest sportsman’ after the media disclosures on allegations about Tiger wood’s string of eight extra marital affairs and relationships. The confession before the media on 19th February 2010 has brewed a mixed response from amongst the public and his stakeholders of business because the act of expressing regret for wrong actions and apologising with words from heart, to a social mass, takes lots of courage and commitment. The sight of fallen idol in despair is known to have brought in waves of support from many fans, sponsors and broadcaster’s, for revival of Wood’s personal and professional life. But some critics and admires still shout over internet that those words of apology was fake and sham. Now the question and concern is how long will it take to rebuild the trust the Golf Star has lost from his family, friends, fans, sponsors and professional associates.

Tiger Wood’s situation is no different than that of any normal person, like you and me, because we all commit mistakes, errors and wrong at different stages and phases of life. It might have taken years to build up the trust, but it can simply disappear overnight for a hundred unforgiveable reasons. Many times notes of regret, words of apology and even tears for forgiveness cannot bring back the old trust people had on you, even though a broken relationship can be fixed through amicable talks and correcting the actions. Have you ever wondered how can initiate a trust rebuilding after the surface storm has subsided so that everything gets back to normal between you and the persons whom you have broken the bond of trust? Rebuilding process takes more time than the construction part and hence having the patience and determination matters the most in this aspect...............(Read Full Article and get tips)

How to create Personal Growth Plan

Indulge yourself in a growth plan of 10 weeks, each week focusing on one particular aspect of life.

Skill Development

  1. Sensing Silence
  2. One day Living
  3. Reconsider Belief System
  4. Develop Awareness
  5. Behaviour Modulation
  6. Becoming a Listener
  7. Invest in Self-Care
  8. Learn to say “NO”
  9. Apologise Mistakes

This was an abstract for readers who just want to skim and brush the contents. If you are interested in knowing how I applied it to get results, keep reading:

Week 1: Focus on Growth

From the framework of personal development planning, “Growth” means moving towards the best, which can include developing personal skill, quality, trait, aptitude or interest so that you feel better about yourself. When I tried this, I was focusing on my writing and presentation skills because I had a vision of what I want in my future and on what aspect I should concentrate more to achieve my life goals. I not only attained a productive week, but also writing gradually became a part of my daily routine.

Week 2: Enjoying Silence

Now, this is an aspect I did enjoy doing for a week because I am a chatterbox who could be seen either in company of close friends or over phone or on internet chat atleast 7 hours a day when I am in good temperament. But conceiving silence and learning to enjoy the moments that I spent with myself was a wonderful experience. I never called it meditation, but I was mediating with my inner self during the period of silence. Many times I was letting myself blank so that I can enjoy the nothingness. It truly helps in gaining.........(Read Full Article)

How to apply "One Day Living" concept?

Most of us make resolutions, goals and time tables for a better tomorrow, brighter and secure future. But many times we know that as days and weeks pass by, we forget our well written targets and goals, especially the personal goals, the promises we made to ourselves. Even I have made hundreds of them in last 12 years and miserably failed to do justice to myself ample number of times. But lately, I came across a simple, powerful and practical tool called ONE DAY LIVING. Either before going to bed at night or before getting out of bed in the morning set 5 GOALS for the next 24 hours. What-so-ever happens make your best efforts to abide, actualise and accomplish those 5 goals.

Now about the nature of goals, let that be a well prioritised set of goals with personal and professional targets stitched together beautifully and practically. Remember that this simple effort is made for you, by you, for your own personal/professional development. Make sure that the ‘goal set’ is all yours, your responsibilities, your dreams and your purpose of each day living. The ownership and accountability of the fulfilment of the 5 GOALS rests of you. Being a social being no human life is aloof from family, friends, colleagues and society. So make the goals realistic and achievable. Merging of dreams and goals with your family bonds and professional achievements is as important as stirring up of the dreams about personal growth, aptitude and interests. Also ONE DAY LIVING, if taken positively can be the best way to reinvent the charm in existing relationships, maintaining cherished relationships, sorting out the messed up lifestyle, setting up priorities at work, providing yourself required health care, starting a new hobby of your interest, time management, anger control, or anything which makes you feel good and great at the end of the day.....(Read full Article here)

What is the purpose of your Life?

Stories fades out and will be forgotten. But ‘ideas’ shared will leave a lasting impression for they are tools that people can use in daily life to think, change and growth. Considering this, I am sharing one of the basic tools for personal development, which has helped me in various stages and times of my own life.

Some people say that “Life on Earth is just accidental and has no special significance/meaning, it comprises of events like birth, education, marriage, profession, accountability, enjoyment and death”. Their statements are simply affirmation of their stubbornness. They walk on Earth and defy the force of gravity. But once you start thinking about your dreams, responsibilities, experiences till date, your passions, your reasons for happiness and existence, the voice of your inner self, you will start believing in “Purpose of Life” which is unique for each individual on Earth.

Every human life has a purpose to serve before his/her death. According to Rig Veda the Hindu sacred text, “the purpose of human birth is to assist God in the maintenance of social, moral and physical order so that the entire mankind becomes divine bureaucracy of Brahman to ensure implementation and maintenance of Thy wondrous Design” (RV 1-24-1, 4-33-11, 61-79-1).

To discover the true purpose of life, you will have to first delete the........... (Read full article)


For anyone who need to be get over pains and traumas of past, firstly one has to conquer their worst fears, cultivate courage and dare to expose oneself to opportunities that life offers each day. Most of us have a story of our own from the past that has changed our perception towards life. Memories of childhood and experiences of growing ages might have played a key role in evolving our present self. I have noticed that some people considers life experiences as stepping stones to successful future and some others considers themselves as victims of circumstances and fetters on the mental attitude of failure and depression.

I read an article on Susan Boyle, the Scottish singer who rose to fame through Britian’s Got Talent show 2009. With her dazzling performance at the event Susan amazed a crowd of millions on her first stage appearance. She had brought an insight to many that ‘Never to judge a book by its cover’. As the Bible Verses reminds:

“Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him [referring to Saul]. For the LORD does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” (1 Samuel 16:7).

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, she revealed that in her earlier days, she was bullied at school and beaten by teachers.............. (Read full article)


Computer users of modern world are developing cyber space addiction.
This devolves from the simple logic that everyday act turning out to be a habit and then an addiction. Technological progress in cyber space has made people glued to computers for many good, bad as well as non specific reasons. Alarming internet addiction seems to have spread due to its accessibility from comfort zone, easy and cheap availability of internet connectivity, multitasking facility of computers, privacy factor etc.

CHAT & EMAIL: These interface applications of live communication are blessings if used within limits. Motive behind chat can be harmless like conversing to a friend or relative in long distance, corporate conferencing and even having acquaintance with unknown people in cyber space. But in most cases, chat addicts are those people who are facing a behavioral problem like shyness/introvertism, which prevents them from meeting and interacting with people in real world. Sometimes these people are dangerous, as their anti-social intentions can vary from cyber flirting, dating and sex to being heinous pedophiles and pornographers posing potential threat to kids and teenagers.

ONLINE GAMES: Some people are crazy for high end graphics and advanced multimedia techniques offered by online game providers. Along with children, youngsters are also vulnerable to this addiction which robs them of their natural creativity and physical sporty games and activities along with social interactions. Another threat of online gaming is that many games of interest are action packed and violent enough that it has proven evidence in negatively influencing player’s mindset.

Even though the focus of Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Friendster and similar websites are to facilitate cyberspace for people to share common interests and activities and intends to nourish making and maintaining friendships, millions around the world consider networking and blogging as new forms of entertainment and communication measures. When regular online participation and interactions, with and without application of discretion and orientations, grows as a habit and gradually changes to addiction, many individuals don’t realize that their life is relying and revolving more around virtual relationships rather than real life ones. Internet addictions also includes continuous browsing, watching videos, online purchasing, gambling etc. on regular basis, believing it as an inevitable evil.

IDENTIFICATION OF INTERNET ADDICTION DISORDER is simple. If the first thing you do in the morning, at home or at workplace, is to switch on your computer to check personal emails or to surf for topics of your interest and if you stay online much longer than you originally intended, if people around you complaints about the time you spend online, if online activities(whatsoever that might be) is affecting your normal life, if you become defensive or secretive to others when they mention about your exposure to internet for long hours, if you neglect your sleep and food for completing your activities on computer, if your mind is always preoccupied about your interactions online and offline and if you frequently log in and log out of a particular webpage, if you prefer to have and maintain online friends and company rather than real life friends and if you can’t just log off when you really want to and feels the urge to remain online for few more minutes, which in reality is never a few minutes away, then you are heading towards SERIOUS TROUBLE of Cyber addiction.

Manifestation and materialization of computer addiction depends on the mindset/motive of the user and hence differ from person to person. Once you realize this addiction, understand that technology is supposed to be your servant and not your master. Organize yourself accordingly so that you don’t lose the life and time you are supposed to enjoy with your family, friends and society, today. Computer and internet are doors to vast information access and excellent means of entertainment, communication and networking. But that virtual medium should NEVER rip you off from the real world. Take Care!!


Since late 1970's Crop Circles began to appear around the world and has gained attention with its modernity and even publicity, through the Movie ‘Signs’ starred by Mel Gibson and directed by M. Night Shyamalan in 2002. Large and complex crop pictures are appearing in Southern England near the ancient megalithic site like Stonehenge, between April and September every year, when field crops (oilseed rape, barley or wheat) are most suitable for patterning.
Normally, if the crop’s stalk is bent more than 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in authentic crop circle formations the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees and the crops appear to be pushed down by some gentle force so that this bent vegetation is not broken or damaged. Most mysterious crop pictures appeared mainly during the four to six-hour darkness of northern-hemisphere summer night and sometimes in broad daylight, that too quickly and quietly without any trace of origin.

Crop circle phenomenon, over years, have evolved from simple circular designs to complex ones like 150 ft dragon fly design, 350 ft Yin-yang symbol, 600 ft Jelly fish crop circle and 400 ft Phoenix in June 2009. Earlier many crop circles were identified as hoaxes, as it turned out to be pranks of few individuals for fame and fun. But later on, the unexplained accuracies, humanly impossible patterns within the time frame of its appearance at some crop lands made scientists and investigators believe that authentic crop circles are either creation of alien intervention on Earth or supernatural processes which carries some valuable message to humans on Earth.

Argumentative explanations as to this occurrence come from two ends: One hemisphere is occupied by Questors, Crop Circle theorists, Spiritualists and Paranormalists; the other by Circle makers, Tricksters and Artists. Scientifically it has been explained that authentic crop circles are the result of photon energy patterns hitting Earth's surface causing the crops within the fields to become flattened and states that ‘making of intricate designs of over 350 ft in tougher and brittle crop land, in few minutes time, is humanly impossible’. Cynics claim that the crop circle patterns are creation of computer scientists and their volunteers, working overnight to create sensations.

Three different techniques have been understood to make the crop patterns, by its actual creators. First there is the traditional “swirled” crop design method, the second is the "retarded" growth method and the third is the “pixel technique”, which swirls some plants into standing pixels while adjoining plants are flattened to the ground so as to give two or three dimensional images.

Most of the genuine crop patterns appear close to sites of some historic importance and hence makes few enthusiasts believe that they carry a mystical meaning specially those crop patterns that appear near Stonehenge, the place considered to be a ‘secret window to the other world’ (Eg: Julia Set in 1996) and the ones that appeared in succession near Chilbolton Radio Telescope Observatory from 1999 till 2002, wherein the crop patterns included a complex Crop Glyph, an humanoid face and a code similar to the radio transmission message that SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) sent from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico to Messier 13 star cluster 23,000 light years from Earth in Nov 16, 1974. Crop pattern therein was a mirror image except for the DNA nucleotide structure. And finally the 2002 Crabwood formation at Winchester near the observatory displayed a “Grey Alien” image with a Code message within a circle, having 8 bit binary encoding in hexadecimal form, with English alphabet letters represented by ASCII character, which on decoding revealed the message: "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception.”

In June 2008, crop pattern that appeared in Barbury Hills was surprisingly encoded to reveal the fundamental constant pi = 3.141592654 to ten digits of accuracy within the circle. Each individual digit from pi = 3.14..... was drawn in the field with 36 degrees of rotation, in order to specify a full ten-digit number over four spiral turns. For example, its first digit "3" was drawn with 3 x 36 = 108 degrees of rotation, while its second digit "1" was drawn with 1 x 36 = 36 degrees of rotation, then its third digit "4" was drawn with 4 x 36 = 144 degrees of rotation, and so on. There was even a small decimal point placed close to the centre between digits "3" and "1", to tell where the fractional part of pi began.

For some observers, crop circles are a kind of grand Reiki signs given to planet Earth and are said to be formed from Energy vortex. Whatsoever be the source, these spectacular designs often display very clear symbolism (scientific, esoteric and astronomical) and demonstrates some extraordinary unexplained effects. For those who believe that logic and science constitute the sum of reality, these formations provoke feelings of annoyance, disbelief, fear and a deeply rooted sense of frustration at the lack of a ready, rational explanation. For those whose belief systems extend beyond the boundaries, crop circles take on mystical meanings and offer a sense of communication with an intelligence or consciousness beyond three-dimensional reality.

NOTE: Crop circles may be a sense of warning through crop pictograms by Mother Nature or Forces of Universe. World Nations are conducting useless wars for power & property, rather than focussing on social and environmental problems. We humans are recklessly depleting natural resources and have been contaminating air, water and soil using nuclear power, plastics and other exotic technologies. Intention of this article is to promote awareness about the phenomenon of crop circles and if the readers thinks over it, understands & become environmentally conscious, and does something to make a positive difference on Earth, then the mission of this write up is accomplished.

* Aerial Image Courtesy to Lucy Pringle, Steve Alexander & Jack Turner



The deepening complexity of crop circles By Eltjo Haselhoff

Crop circles By Colin Andrews, Stephen J. Spignesi

Crop circles By Werner Anderhub, Hans Peter Roth
Crop Circles By Carolyn North, Busty Taylor



Anger is a natural feeling & process that allows human beings to evolve & adapt. Its expression varies from Verbal violence (sarcastic comments, calling names, spreading rumours) to Physical abuses (bullying & torture), throwing & breaking things, giving dirty looks to others and even Silent treatments.

ANGER is an emotion. But AGGRESSION is acting inappropriately without grip over emotions. The chemistry behind anger is the mixture of emotional and physical change, whereas the physics of Anger is the change of Energy level, which will be manifested either on others, objects or one-self . Suppression of anger leads to mounting up of frustration which can lead to over-reaction to other normal situation in later stages.

Physical harm to Self / Others
Losing Friends & Family
Destruction of Property
Lose of Job & Social privilege
Gaining a Bad Reputation
Losing of Peace & Happiness


Confront the Problem & Person, show mutual respect & Understand each other’s views about the situation; Define and explain the problem in decent & rational ways; Search for realistic solutions by making acknowledgements & compromises; Agree on the solution which reduce the tension and provides more emotional security; Appreciate & Implement the solution; this will be the best way of maintaining relationship without further issues; finally, Reviewing the situation time after time helps in understanding the need of change, if any.

(Adaptation of CUDSAIR structure of Anger Management put forth by Professor Richard Nelson-Jones’)


Stomach gets upset & palms sweaty
Faster heartbeat & Clenching fists
Feeling of getting flushed
Pressure on temples & clenched jaw


Know what pushes your buttons
Know your body’s anger signs.
Stop and think before you speak.
Cage your rage…it’s your choice.
Decide what to do wisely.


Behave Matured and Just Agree that you Disagree. If nothing works, dig out your own ways to come out of argumentative situations so that you don’t hurt yourself and others, beyond forgivable limits; after all LIFE IS SHORT & anger doesn’t make relationships, it only breaks relationships. Once, Problems Are Resolved, FORGIVE AND FORGET, or at least do ONE of the two!!



Many of the orphan, needy & destitute children in streets and mismanaged orphanages/ temporary camps hardly receive proper food, a safe shelter away from mental, physical/sexual abuse, medical aid or proper elementary education, let alone the blessings of love, care, affection, freedom & family, which we all enjoyed during our childhood days. With no fault of theirs, they live the life of seclusion & misery and at other people’s mercy.

What can a helpless child under the age of 12, expect from his lonesome world, other than food, proper sleep, non ragged cloths and quest for knowledge...?? Also when the night is colder, or when a nightmare strikes or when they see the world of lucky children with parents and families, they do long for someone who could love them, speak a few good words and pass a hearty smile..... More than this, these children don’t demand anything, though they deserve far better life, like each one of us.......

WHAT CAN WE DO..........????!!!!

Making a direct help to orphans and needy is the best way of assuring that your aid in the form of money and material reaches those in actual need. Slow down from your busy schedules and think for a while about the blessings you have and the ones who terribly needs your helping hand and a smile.....
If possible, DO SOMETHING for the innocent children in need, if not as charity, then on humanitarian considerations like providing food/ means for food, books, dress, medical aid or camps for recreation or anything that YOU CAN in your locality or through any trustworthy social workers or organisations. Your simple act of kindness & concern, few words of love & smile can brighten a lonely child’s face and life.

Helping these children to have some basic amenities or sharing few expressions of love and care with them will not only be a blessing, but also an insight into human life & existence.......

FOOTNOTE: Make A Direct Help: A Voice of Aid & Mercy


Ancient writings reveals that status of woman was that of a Goddess, in different parts of the world before conquer and conquest conceptualized. When civilizations flourished and male dominance emerged through war and conflicts, woman, out of distress, seems to have become more dependant and dormant in her roles of life. But it is astonishing to know that many woman of 21st century, though being educated and enlightened, suffers and sacrifices her ‘self’ and ‘substance’ for others around her. This is not from a feminists view. This is reality. Subordination of woman to men in society has been a phenomenon that has been deeply rooted in our social and cultural setup. But when a woman’s love, purity and tolerance are misunderstood as weakness and is exploited in disguise of dominance & authority, it is lethal and prejudicial. Setting aside all brutal instances of female infanticide, child rape and abuses and stepping on to the phase when a female enters womanhood, we see that she faces the evil eyes of society. Starting off with dirty looks, filthy comments, physical encroachments and harassments, woman are being subject to crimes every day right in front of our eyes & this isn’t a wild story.

Crimes of Honour and Crimes of Passion are mainly the categories of crimes against woman, either with premeditation (dolus premeditates) or without intention (dolus repentinus). “Honour crimes” are those which directly and indirectly interfere with a woman’s integrity, individuality and self respect. It includes Assaults, Harassments, Mental Abuses, Physical Torture, Kidnapping and Abduction, Forced prostitution, Abetment to Suicide, Dowry Demands, Discrimination and Inequality, Denial of Educational Rights, Molestation, Rape, Battering, Defamation, Virginity Testing, Forced Marriages, Domestic Violence, Sexual Violence, the compulsions and threats in the name of relationships to uphold the status of family, taboos as to the right to choose her spouse, seek divorce from an unsuccessful marriage, restrictions as to freedom of movement, ethos as to sexual conducts, etc.

“Crimes of passion” are crimes, which are linked to a ‘love-relationship’ between the perpetrator and the victim, for example between an (ex) husband and (ex)wife or between (ex) lovers and the crime is not perpetrated to defend the family honour, but the “conjugal honour” or the honour of an individual man, or for reasons related to jealousy and frustration. ‘Perpetrators’ of injustice against woman need not always be strangers, it can be brothers, sons, father, uncles, nephews, husband, neighbor, colleague, boy friend or ex-lovers, which even includes mother, sister and sister in laws of a woman. If you consider that this topic is alien to you, then check out the statistic reports published by media, which would reveal that over 32,000 murders, 19,000 rapes, 7500 dowry deaths and 36500 molestation cases were reported as crimes against woman in India in just one year. Unreported instances of domestic violence and sexual harassments run on multiple folds. If you can identify and help someone whom you feel is a victim of such violence, with your words & support as a friend, it would SAVE a life and would be a noble deed. And if you are a perpetrator yourself, STOP doing it, because you have NO RIGHT to take away someone’s life & liberty.

Sexual harassment and rape are two sides of the same coin. Both showcase the power of man to dominate a woman. Both have one victim- ‘women’. Both are barbaric in nature; but many people extenuate sexual harassment to rape, just because the victims are not physically harmed, whereas in rape, the victim is ravished like an animal for the fulfillment of desire and lust of a man. Both have the same object and impact- undermine the integrity of the victim, physically as well as mentally. As observed by Justice Arjit Pasayat (Supreme Court of India): "While a murderer destroys the physical frame of the victim, a rapist degrades and defiles the soul of a helpless female."

Trafficking in woman continues over years because they are many times considered as ‘commodities that can be essentially used and reused’ by the perpetrators of various crimes. Many females in our society are lured, deceived, kidnapped or tricked into prostitution irrespective of rural and metro geographic barriers. Trafficker’s takes advantage of poverty levels and innocence of many rural women and recruits them to sex trade, debt bondage, forced labour etc. In urban society, shockingly, educated girl’s fall into traps of sex rackets of fake movie/video makers, virtual defrauders etc. in their desire to become celebrities and to have better life; but finally ending up life in brothels as destitute. Sex trafficking is fueling the HIV/AIDS epidemic and continues to decimate the female population. The economic benefit provided by sex trade is not only to many of the so called perpetrators, but also to various corrupted officials and in promotion of businesses sectors like hotels, airliners, tour operations, porn movie making and website publicity.

Being a Woman is a challenge. Females are considered to be the weaker sex and so most of the times they are subjected to exploitation and oppression. Many females who live on Earth lead downtrodden, suppressed, subjugated, unhappy and compromised life. A real woman is the one who raises her voice against the injustice that is being done to her person and property. Women have the right to physical and mental integrity, the right to life and liberty as that of men. If you are a Woman in distress, please do understand that if you don’t speak for yourself, nobody will do it for you. And it is your primarily responsibility to take care of your health, education and individuality to keep up your self-respect and integrity. Never compromise on your existence.

If ever you feel suffocated and under threat of life, trust your instincts and walk out of the place and/or relationship. A woman’s inner self never betrays her. Trust yourself. Keep your mind alert and be willing to accept changes with a strong will-power. Seek help from family, friends, police and courts without hesitation. There are ample laws, simple procedures and strong jurisprudence which protect a woman from perpetrators of any crime that affects her mental and physical well being. After all, family as well as law & order are meant to protect social well being. If no one helps, HELP YOURSELF AND BE BOLD TO FACE LIFE.

FOOTNOTE: Never consider loss of a woman’s life as an insignificant loss to society; because any family/ society/ country which disrespect womanhood hardly survive in peace & prosperity. To bring some change in attitude and approach towards woman in the contemporary and future society, it is YOU who have to take the first move. In ANY relationship, there is NOTHING that can be gained out of VIOLENCE & CRUELTY. Let that be Men or Women, be Humane & behave like civilized rational human beings and not animals; after all there is only ONE LIFE about which we are GURANTEED.