How to apply "One Day Living" concept?

Most of us make resolutions, goals and time tables for a better tomorrow, brighter and secure future. But many times we know that as days and weeks pass by, we forget our well written targets and goals, especially the personal goals, the promises we made to ourselves. Even I have made hundreds of them in last 12 years and miserably failed to do justice to myself ample number of times. But lately, I came across a simple, powerful and practical tool called ONE DAY LIVING. Either before going to bed at night or before getting out of bed in the morning set 5 GOALS for the next 24 hours. What-so-ever happens make your best efforts to abide, actualise and accomplish those 5 goals.

Now about the nature of goals, let that be a well prioritised set of goals with personal and professional targets stitched together beautifully and practically. Remember that this simple effort is made for you, by you, for your own personal/professional development. Make sure that the ‘goal set’ is all yours, your responsibilities, your dreams and your purpose of each day living. The ownership and accountability of the fulfilment of the 5 GOALS rests of you. Being a social being no human life is aloof from family, friends, colleagues and society. So make the goals realistic and achievable. Merging of dreams and goals with your family bonds and professional achievements is as important as stirring up of the dreams about personal growth, aptitude and interests. Also ONE DAY LIVING, if taken positively can be the best way to reinvent the charm in existing relationships, maintaining cherished relationships, sorting out the messed up lifestyle, setting up priorities at work, providing yourself required health care, starting a new hobby of your interest, time management, anger control, or anything which makes you feel good and great at the end of the day.....(Read full Article here)

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