How to create Personal Growth Plan

Indulge yourself in a growth plan of 10 weeks, each week focusing on one particular aspect of life.

Skill Development

  1. Sensing Silence
  2. One day Living
  3. Reconsider Belief System
  4. Develop Awareness
  5. Behaviour Modulation
  6. Becoming a Listener
  7. Invest in Self-Care
  8. Learn to say “NO”
  9. Apologise Mistakes

This was an abstract for readers who just want to skim and brush the contents. If you are interested in knowing how I applied it to get results, keep reading:

Week 1: Focus on Growth

From the framework of personal development planning, “Growth” means moving towards the best, which can include developing personal skill, quality, trait, aptitude or interest so that you feel better about yourself. When I tried this, I was focusing on my writing and presentation skills because I had a vision of what I want in my future and on what aspect I should concentrate more to achieve my life goals. I not only attained a productive week, but also writing gradually became a part of my daily routine.

Week 2: Enjoying Silence

Now, this is an aspect I did enjoy doing for a week because I am a chatterbox who could be seen either in company of close friends or over phone or on internet chat atleast 7 hours a day when I am in good temperament. But conceiving silence and learning to enjoy the moments that I spent with myself was a wonderful experience. I never called it meditation, but I was mediating with my inner self during the period of silence. Many times I was letting myself blank so that I can enjoy the nothingness. It truly helps in gaining.........(Read Full Article)

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