What is the purpose of your Life?

Stories fades out and will be forgotten. But ‘ideas’ shared will leave a lasting impression for they are tools that people can use in daily life to think, change and growth. Considering this, I am sharing one of the basic tools for personal development, which has helped me in various stages and times of my own life.

Some people say that “Life on Earth is just accidental and has no special significance/meaning, it comprises of events like birth, education, marriage, profession, accountability, enjoyment and death”. Their statements are simply affirmation of their stubbornness. They walk on Earth and defy the force of gravity. But once you start thinking about your dreams, responsibilities, experiences till date, your passions, your reasons for happiness and existence, the voice of your inner self, you will start believing in “Purpose of Life” which is unique for each individual on Earth.

Every human life has a purpose to serve before his/her death. According to Rig Veda the Hindu sacred text, “the purpose of human birth is to assist God in the maintenance of social, moral and physical order so that the entire mankind becomes divine bureaucracy of Brahman to ensure implementation and maintenance of Thy wondrous Design” (RV 1-24-1, 4-33-11, 61-79-1).

To discover the true purpose of life, you will have to first delete the........... (Read full article)

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