Computer users of modern world are developing cyber space addiction.
This devolves from the simple logic that everyday act turning out to be a habit and then an addiction. Technological progress in cyber space has made people glued to computers for many good, bad as well as non specific reasons. Alarming internet addiction seems to have spread due to its accessibility from comfort zone, easy and cheap availability of internet connectivity, multitasking facility of computers, privacy factor etc.

CHAT & EMAIL: These interface applications of live communication are blessings if used within limits. Motive behind chat can be harmless like conversing to a friend or relative in long distance, corporate conferencing and even having acquaintance with unknown people in cyber space. But in most cases, chat addicts are those people who are facing a behavioral problem like shyness/introvertism, which prevents them from meeting and interacting with people in real world. Sometimes these people are dangerous, as their anti-social intentions can vary from cyber flirting, dating and sex to being heinous pedophiles and pornographers posing potential threat to kids and teenagers.

ONLINE GAMES: Some people are crazy for high end graphics and advanced multimedia techniques offered by online game providers. Along with children, youngsters are also vulnerable to this addiction which robs them of their natural creativity and physical sporty games and activities along with social interactions. Another threat of online gaming is that many games of interest are action packed and violent enough that it has proven evidence in negatively influencing player’s mindset.

Even though the focus of Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, Friendster and similar websites are to facilitate cyberspace for people to share common interests and activities and intends to nourish making and maintaining friendships, millions around the world consider networking and blogging as new forms of entertainment and communication measures. When regular online participation and interactions, with and without application of discretion and orientations, grows as a habit and gradually changes to addiction, many individuals don’t realize that their life is relying and revolving more around virtual relationships rather than real life ones. Internet addictions also includes continuous browsing, watching videos, online purchasing, gambling etc. on regular basis, believing it as an inevitable evil.

IDENTIFICATION OF INTERNET ADDICTION DISORDER is simple. If the first thing you do in the morning, at home or at workplace, is to switch on your computer to check personal emails or to surf for topics of your interest and if you stay online much longer than you originally intended, if people around you complaints about the time you spend online, if online activities(whatsoever that might be) is affecting your normal life, if you become defensive or secretive to others when they mention about your exposure to internet for long hours, if you neglect your sleep and food for completing your activities on computer, if your mind is always preoccupied about your interactions online and offline and if you frequently log in and log out of a particular webpage, if you prefer to have and maintain online friends and company rather than real life friends and if you can’t just log off when you really want to and feels the urge to remain online for few more minutes, which in reality is never a few minutes away, then you are heading towards SERIOUS TROUBLE of Cyber addiction.

Manifestation and materialization of computer addiction depends on the mindset/motive of the user and hence differ from person to person. Once you realize this addiction, understand that technology is supposed to be your servant and not your master. Organize yourself accordingly so that you don’t lose the life and time you are supposed to enjoy with your family, friends and society, today. Computer and internet are doors to vast information access and excellent means of entertainment, communication and networking. But that virtual medium should NEVER rip you off from the real world. Take Care!!


  1. hi anju........seems that i am infected with IAD........i have been
    addicted to the computer since a long addicted that i
    find it irritating if someone calls me on phone in between my
    surf.......i found myself that i was gradually keeping away from my
    family members........but later i realised that its more relaxing to
    spend time with family nd friends.........i am trying to get back to
    my original self by limiting time with computers and spending time
    outdoors......its a bit hard but i feel it makes me more open-minded
    and communicative.

  2. "Evryday act turning out to be a habit nd den an addiction"! Gud effort Anjuuss....... u covered almost all negativesby giving due importance 2 d positives of Cyber world"

  3. I did have ADD I think but nowthat I have something else to do, I think I am over it but jokes apart, it is a serious disorder that robs youth of the potential to do much! An escape fm reality!

  4. Very relevent topic.
    I like that cartoon,coz i am having friends who use to go to bathroom with their laptops..

  5. An awesome post as usual...
    somehow i feel I'm a little addicted too...IAD ;)

  6. Effective, informative and credible. To assess our level of internet addiction, every one should use internet addition Test ( IAT ) ( After reading your article I tested IAT and I am happy to know that I am safe!

  7. Cheers to the Addiction... and to your post too!

  8. sentinel leader ,
    a pertinent post ..I plead guilty :)

    but in the process of being weaned off the internet ..

  9. What you have said rings true. But online activities do provide a refuge to many who are retired or have time on hand without any other ways of utilizing the time.

  10. Sentinel leader:

    You make a mistake in assuming that 'real life' relationships and activities off of the Internet are necessarily better than online relationships and activities.

    Where I live, the people are usually boring, often obnoxious, and sometimes hostile. Often they do not like me, and that makes it difficult for me to like them. On the Internet I find people with whom I share common interests and views, which makes for healthier relationships than those found off the Internet. I have developed far more and far better friends on the Internet than I ever did before, and I have always been a very friendly person.

    My favorite activities since childhood have been reading, research, and writing. I was a latecomer to the Internet (1998) and it has greatly improved my enjoyment of and participation in my favorite activities.

    'Real life' sucks. The Internet is wonderful! If there were better friends or better activities for me in my 'real life' neighborhood, I would have found them long ago, because believe me I've looked for them.

    Remember -- you live in Kerala, and I live in the USA. Big difference. If I lived in Kerala, I'm sure that I'd turn off the computer and get out and go places a lot more. Sometimes the smog here is so bad it isn't safe to go out.

    The only thing wrong with the Internet is that it doesn't give you a cardio workout -- but I heard that you'll get a cardio workout with Windows10 when it comes out next year!


  11. Hey Anju,
    its true. and u have to cover the area of teenage's misuse of internet and chating with strange perverts. especially girls 13-16 they are in big trouble. parents should watch them.

  12. Having addiction of internet is usual that can be happen wid most of the internet users.Because that becomes the neccessity for todays life and that brings most of the contacts near to you.

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  13. Internet usage should be done in moderation. Many addiction is caused by lack of discipline.