Since late 1970's Crop Circles began to appear around the world and has gained attention with its modernity and even publicity, through the Movie ‘Signs’ starred by Mel Gibson and directed by M. Night Shyamalan in 2002. Large and complex crop pictures are appearing in Southern England near the ancient megalithic site like Stonehenge, between April and September every year, when field crops (oilseed rape, barley or wheat) are most suitable for patterning.
Normally, if the crop’s stalk is bent more than 45-degrees, it snaps apart. Yet, in authentic crop circle formations the stalks are often bent flat at 90-degrees and the crops appear to be pushed down by some gentle force so that this bent vegetation is not broken or damaged. Most mysterious crop pictures appeared mainly during the four to six-hour darkness of northern-hemisphere summer night and sometimes in broad daylight, that too quickly and quietly without any trace of origin.

Crop circle phenomenon, over years, have evolved from simple circular designs to complex ones like 150 ft dragon fly design, 350 ft Yin-yang symbol, 600 ft Jelly fish crop circle and 400 ft Phoenix in June 2009. Earlier many crop circles were identified as hoaxes, as it turned out to be pranks of few individuals for fame and fun. But later on, the unexplained accuracies, humanly impossible patterns within the time frame of its appearance at some crop lands made scientists and investigators believe that authentic crop circles are either creation of alien intervention on Earth or supernatural processes which carries some valuable message to humans on Earth.

Argumentative explanations as to this occurrence come from two ends: One hemisphere is occupied by Questors, Crop Circle theorists, Spiritualists and Paranormalists; the other by Circle makers, Tricksters and Artists. Scientifically it has been explained that authentic crop circles are the result of photon energy patterns hitting Earth's surface causing the crops within the fields to become flattened and states that ‘making of intricate designs of over 350 ft in tougher and brittle crop land, in few minutes time, is humanly impossible’. Cynics claim that the crop circle patterns are creation of computer scientists and their volunteers, working overnight to create sensations.

Three different techniques have been understood to make the crop patterns, by its actual creators. First there is the traditional “swirled” crop design method, the second is the "retarded" growth method and the third is the “pixel technique”, which swirls some plants into standing pixels while adjoining plants are flattened to the ground so as to give two or three dimensional images.

Most of the genuine crop patterns appear close to sites of some historic importance and hence makes few enthusiasts believe that they carry a mystical meaning specially those crop patterns that appear near Stonehenge, the place considered to be a ‘secret window to the other world’ (Eg: Julia Set in 1996) and the ones that appeared in succession near Chilbolton Radio Telescope Observatory from 1999 till 2002, wherein the crop patterns included a complex Crop Glyph, an humanoid face and a code similar to the radio transmission message that SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) sent from the Arecibo Radio Telescope in Puerto Rico to Messier 13 star cluster 23,000 light years from Earth in Nov 16, 1974. Crop pattern therein was a mirror image except for the DNA nucleotide structure. And finally the 2002 Crabwood formation at Winchester near the observatory displayed a “Grey Alien” image with a Code message within a circle, having 8 bit binary encoding in hexadecimal form, with English alphabet letters represented by ASCII character, which on decoding revealed the message: "Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises. Much pain, but still time. Believe there is good out there. We oppose deception.”

In June 2008, crop pattern that appeared in Barbury Hills was surprisingly encoded to reveal the fundamental constant pi = 3.141592654 to ten digits of accuracy within the circle. Each individual digit from pi = 3.14..... was drawn in the field with 36 degrees of rotation, in order to specify a full ten-digit number over four spiral turns. For example, its first digit "3" was drawn with 3 x 36 = 108 degrees of rotation, while its second digit "1" was drawn with 1 x 36 = 36 degrees of rotation, then its third digit "4" was drawn with 4 x 36 = 144 degrees of rotation, and so on. There was even a small decimal point placed close to the centre between digits "3" and "1", to tell where the fractional part of pi began.

For some observers, crop circles are a kind of grand Reiki signs given to planet Earth and are said to be formed from Energy vortex. Whatsoever be the source, these spectacular designs often display very clear symbolism (scientific, esoteric and astronomical) and demonstrates some extraordinary unexplained effects. For those who believe that logic and science constitute the sum of reality, these formations provoke feelings of annoyance, disbelief, fear and a deeply rooted sense of frustration at the lack of a ready, rational explanation. For those whose belief systems extend beyond the boundaries, crop circles take on mystical meanings and offer a sense of communication with an intelligence or consciousness beyond three-dimensional reality.

NOTE: Crop circles may be a sense of warning through crop pictograms by Mother Nature or Forces of Universe. World Nations are conducting useless wars for power & property, rather than focussing on social and environmental problems. We humans are recklessly depleting natural resources and have been contaminating air, water and soil using nuclear power, plastics and other exotic technologies. Intention of this article is to promote awareness about the phenomenon of crop circles and if the readers thinks over it, understands & become environmentally conscious, and does something to make a positive difference on Earth, then the mission of this write up is accomplished.

* Aerial Image Courtesy to Lucy Pringle, Steve Alexander & Jack Turner



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