How to built (Rebuilt) Trust?

Learned men say that “Trust is like a vase… once it’s broken, though you can fix it, the vase will never be the same again”. The sensational apology brought in by Tiger Woods, the international Golfer, is the best example to narrate on this point. The public confession of this sports star about his past actions can be considered to be an attempt to resurrect his shattered image of ‘world’s greatest sportsman’ after the media disclosures on allegations about Tiger wood’s string of eight extra marital affairs and relationships. The confession before the media on 19th February 2010 has brewed a mixed response from amongst the public and his stakeholders of business because the act of expressing regret for wrong actions and apologising with words from heart, to a social mass, takes lots of courage and commitment. The sight of fallen idol in despair is known to have brought in waves of support from many fans, sponsors and broadcaster’s, for revival of Wood’s personal and professional life. But some critics and admires still shout over internet that those words of apology was fake and sham. Now the question and concern is how long will it take to rebuild the trust the Golf Star has lost from his family, friends, fans, sponsors and professional associates.

Tiger Wood’s situation is no different than that of any normal person, like you and me, because we all commit mistakes, errors and wrong at different stages and phases of life. It might have taken years to build up the trust, but it can simply disappear overnight for a hundred unforgiveable reasons. Many times notes of regret, words of apology and even tears for forgiveness cannot bring back the old trust people had on you, even though a broken relationship can be fixed through amicable talks and correcting the actions. Have you ever wondered how can initiate a trust rebuilding after the surface storm has subsided so that everything gets back to normal between you and the persons whom you have broken the bond of trust? Rebuilding process takes more time than the construction part and hence having the patience and determination matters the most in this aspect...............(Read Full Article and get tips)

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